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A headland hideaway in NW Donegal is born

A headland hideaway in NW Donegal is born

Years of planning, travelling, dreaming, testing, tasting and building - and Breac.House is finally here ! The story of our little hideaway at the far edge of Ireland is the story of the realisation of our dream to create a truly modern, luxurious and world-class guest experience here in Donegal. Having experienced many wonderful places at home and abroad, we wanted to do it in a place that is special to us and and can offer a unique experience to those looking for something a bit different. 

In creating Breac.House, the one question we kept asking ourselves was - would we want to stay there ? While we may become our own best customers, we have spent the last few years thinking about every single detail which is important to us as regular independent travellers always looking for an elusive mix of authenticity, quality, design and privacy in a spectacular location. 

Firstly, location. Having spent many years visiting Dunfanaghy and walking the trails around Horn Head, we simply couldn't think of a better location with spectacular panoramic views South over the beach, lake and mountains. Critically, all activities are within walking or cycling distance of the house and nobody needs a car unless they want to travel further afield. This is what we want when we travel.

A location of this quality deserves a building and fit-out to match. As we are passionate about quality design, we have spent the last three years planning, designing and executing every detail of what is now Breac.House - an unashamedly contemporary building which we believe sits into the landscape, not against it. We have also used as many local materials as possible, including Fanad granite and Ardara quartize and have maximised what we think people want to see - the spectacular Donegal sea-and-landscape.

Finally, we have spent a lot of time thinking about the experience. While the house is small compared with a hotel, we have made sure that it is also very private with lots of separate places, inside and out, for guests to sit, stand or just explore. We also loved thinking about some of the little touches - like a private hatch where breakfast arrives as if by magic or the very over-sized shower where you can enjoy a proper dousing. We also know that people love to have somewhere to leave wet clothes, boots and gear - so we built a boot-room. And we also know how important food is when people are on holiday - they want quality, authenticity and taste. As a result, we have specifically designed breakfast and menus with this in mind, utilising the best local produce which Donegal has to offer.

One of the really great joys of this journey has been realising the vision in collaboration with the many makers, designers, food producers and locals who have shared our passion for Irish and Donegal creativity in all it's wonderful forms. The result is a range of collaborations including bespoke oak furniture, handmade backpacks, local Donegal tweed throws, local organic seaweed soap, seaweed inspired prints, and peat-smoked salmon.

Ultimately, Breac.House is all about the experience - the chance to slow down, to do lots or do nothing. We want it to be a place to nourish the heart, soul and body - a truely immersive experience for all who take the trip to this very special part of Ireland.

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