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At Breac.House, we aim to create memorable experiences for our guests which both reflect and protect the unique environment and community in which we are located. Horn Head is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) under the EU Habitats Directive and we feel a strong responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and the impact of our guests on this beautiful place.

We have designed as sustainable a business model as possible, including limiting guest numbers to the minimum. This sustainability ethos has become our daily way of life, and that of our guests while they are here – and hopefully long after they return home.

Our specific actions and commitments to our environment, our guests, employees, suppliers and our communities are set out below. While we have built-in deep environmental and sustainability measures into our business from day one and are committed to constantly improving where possible. We strongly support, adopt and implement the UNWTO definition of Sustainable Tourism (see below).

Renewable energy


Local food culture


Responsible trading practices

Facilitating greener choices by our guests

Community & networks