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Breac.House Homestory

Donegal cottage old photo

Urlaubsarchitekur brings together a wonderful collection of architecturally innovative places to stay all around Europe and it is a privilege to be part of their family. It was therefore a real joy to chat recently to Britta from Urlaubsarchitektur about all things Breac.House; our initial vision, the inspiration behind the architecture and the creation of an authentic guest experience. We get so many architects and designers coming to stay with us and the conversation inevitably turns to the architectural history and tapestry of Donegal. With everything from ancient forts & castles to mills & churches right through to award winning modern architecture, it's just another great reason to visit our little corner of the world. We are surrounded by so much of that built heritage here on Horn Head from stone tombs to longhouses. It's a daily inspiration.

For the full article as well as a selection of the very finest architecturally interesting places to stay in Europe, see the Homestory.

Image above courtesy of National Library of Ireland

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