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Creative Collaborations 14 - The Donegal Tweed Sleep Mask and Irish Pillow Mist

Breac House 7709

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book" from an old Irish proverb.

Every season brings new elements to our guest experience here at Breac.House. We continue to work with amazing local makers and producers to constantly enhance the time our guests spend with us and strengthen their connection with our unique location on the NW Donegal coast.

And so, we were delighted to work again with Donegal textile artist, Bernie Murphy, to create a very special sleep mask made from Donegal tweed off-cuts - reflecting the colours and designs which Bernie has chosen for her beautiful collections.

Bernie works from her studio at her home in Buncrana. Her collections are designed to be worn or to be displayed, but always to be enjoyed. Her aim is to capture in her textile art suggestions of the natural environment that surrounds her– its unpredictable beauty and spirit – and reflect elements of the textiles and design skills that have been handed down across the generations in this unique region, her homeland of Donegal.

Sleep is very important to us here at Breac.House - in our experience, it is one of the things which our guests crave more than anything else during their time away from their normal lives. While we have made every effort to the make the bed, linen and environment in each guest bedroom room to be as conducive to quality sleep as possible, we have now added the Bernie Murphy sleep mask - to help guests to prolong their sleep, particularly during the Summer where our northerly lattitude of 55 degrees gives rise to very early sunrises.

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To add another finishing touch, we are delighted to include the beautiful Irish Pillow mist from Herb Dublin - bottled in Ireland using 100% natural ingredients - designed to calm the mind and relax the body.

Rachel McCann created herb DUBLIN from pure passion. Everything she creates in herb is about, relaxation, detoxification, and life happiness and also smells amazing.

And so we are delighted to now include our little all-Irish sleep kit as part of our guest experience. Sweet Dreams.

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