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Muck n' Muffins

Muck n' Muffins

At the half way point in our our Creative Collaborations series and this week we look at a wonderful family business that we can see from our window and which are at the very heart of the community in Dunfanaghy.

Having studied Ceramic Design at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, sisters Deborah and Emma Moore established Muck 'n' Muffins in 2000. Their vision was to convert the old 1800's grain store located in Dunfanaghy Square into a pottery studio, gift shop and cafe.

Born and raised in Dunfanaghy, this location has given Deborah and Emma an abundance of inspiration, which is reflected in their work. Appreciating the beauty of the surrounding Donegal countryside, the rugged landscape, the untouched coastline, the protected forests and the wild changeable weather which offers spectacular imagery and a natural pallet of colours to inform their work.

We often say that Muck n Muffins is a large part of the reason we made Dunfanaghy our home. In our early days of visiting Donegal, we inevitably ended up in the cafe after a days walking and we have passed on that tradition to our wider family when they are here on visits. So when it came to working on our pottery range on which we serve our breakfasts, we were thrilled to work with the girls on this project. Inspired by the distinctive grey/purple colours of Muckish mountain and using clay from Inishowen, Co. Donegal, each piece has been handcrafted, painted and glazed with Breac.House guests in mind. Like all our bespoke projects, the pieces are functional but beautiful, designed to be used. So our breakfast tray of home made goodies delivered each morning to our guest rooms is laid out with beautiful plates, bowls and cups all made by Deborah and Emma As one guest said to us - ' there is something so satisfying about wrapping your hands around one of the coffee cups while looking out the window at the sea and mountains '. Guests from all over the world have been unable to leave without a little set to bring home and remind them of their time with us' . The image below was sent to us by guests from Australia enjoying their coffee in their Breac.House coffee cups on their return home. That's what we call connection with people and place.

We have continued to work with the girls on other commissions including the beautiful vases that can be seen in our guest rooms and throughout Breac.House.

To see the full range of Deborah and Emma's work, including their distinctive Cow Parsley design, visit their workshop, shop and cafe in Dunfanaghy or their website at Muck 'n' Muffins

To purchase one of the bespoke pieces made for us , visit our shop at Breac.Shop

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